TrickxLogic Season 1

Game Description: According to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) said it would scheduled for summer 2010 on the PSP handheld launch for a new push to understand mystery, “trick logical “(Trick x Logic). As the push to understand a mystery AVG hardcore game players here need to utilize the brain to solve a mystery after another event, which was an extraordinary accomplishment.

First, popular novelist, joined by:

New to “tricks of the logic” in particular invited to include: Aya Tsuji pedestrians Arisugawa a habitat, I Sunzi Wu Pill, Takemoto Kenji, Ma Ye Xiong Song, mountain Seiichiro Kuroda research second, including seven popular mystery writer to modus operandi of the trap responsible for the design, script writing and story writing by SCE and jointly produced by Chunsoft a new form of Puzzle Games to promote understanding.

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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