Fighting Fantasy Talisman of Death

This PlayStation Minis title is based on Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone’s legendary

Fighting Fantasy series of Choose Your Own Adventure game books.

To keep both existing fans and newcomers happy with their treatment of the license, Laughing

Jackal have included ‘Classic’ and ‘New’ game modes. The ‘Classic’ game mode very closely

emulates the format of the original books, while the ‘New’ mode adds a range of all-new

features to really capitalise on the console medium, providing greater visual excitement and

giving power to the player, rather than to arbitrary “virtual dice rolls” which the player

can’t influence.

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Call of Duty Roads to Victory

One of World War II’s most epic campaigns, the liberation of Paris, gets epic treatment in Call of Duty 3. Step into a breathtaking, seamless storyline as an ordinary Allied soldier thrust into an extraordinary situation, the Normandy Breakout. An all-new close-quarters battle mechanic lets you fight hand-to-hand, rig impromptu bombs, and perform other keys to battlefield survival. Branching mission paths with multiple attack routes and distinct tactical requirements let you choose to outflank your enemy or overpower him head on. You’ll use an unprecedented array of combat options in environments where there’s nowhere to hide thanks to destructible cover. Up to 24 can battle in team-based multiplayer with vehicles.

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