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Marvel – Ultimate Alliance

In this superhero-filled action-RPG, players assume the roles of more than 20 Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade and Captain America, and through their actions determine the fate of both planet Earth and the Marvel universe. The game features total team customization, where players create their own team name, icon and vehicle, as well as establish their team reputation as they play throughout the story. Battle the world’s most notorious Marvel Super Villains in the air, underwater, and on the ground, using grappling, blocking and dodging moves, and even environmental objects as one and two-handed weapons. The storyline is designed open, and the missions that you choose to accept affect the outcome of the Marvel Universe. Also featured are competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


Created from computational Raven, merveille does the final alliance leave to you to manage the, majority of powerful alliance of marvellous hero that the world has knows never. Choose heroes as Spider-Man, Wolverine, blade and the Elektra, it shapes and it adapts a force of strike four. Then theconnected, does the battle and act the in their other with more the 140 characters entire world merveille. The various metres that you take they can it has a effect in the way which the history will finish. A alliance of him ages, that undertakes a épique research of multiple missions, with a innovative system of fight it enriches this legend experience.

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Action / Adventure Fighting

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows immerse players in an all-new action-adventure saga that gives them unprecedented control, never before seen in a Spider-Man game. Armed throughout the battle and confronted by an unrecognizable New York City, players choose to play as a heroic web-slinger or a volatile, destructive anti-hero, fighting with or against a vast number of fan-favorite Marvel heroes and villains, switching instantly between sides, and deciding which missions to undertake to save mankind. An all-new combat system combines web slinging and customizable superpowers to give gamers the freedom to fight and explore in a free-roaming, open-ended environment. Battles blend Spider-Man’s speed and agility with the landscape, challenging players to master fast moving acrobatic combat, powerful new web-slinging moves and destructive combo attacks, as they take the fight from the streets, up the sides of buildings and onto rooftops.

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