Action / Adventure

Gods Eater Burst (USA)

Let’s all put aside the odd fact that the “Gods” in “Gods Eater Burst” is plural. In doing so, we can avoid scratching our heads hard enough to draw blood.
Think about something more important. For example: why are you eating gods? Because the world is dead, and it’s your job Of course, you’re not actually
killing and eating gods in Gods Eater Burst. In this devastated world, mankind has been wiped out by a powerful new organism collectively called the
Aragami (a Japanese term invoking gods and demons). The organisms devoured other life in order to survive, assuming different forms in the process.
Only a few factions of humanity remain, and they’ve been united under Fenrir, a military organization intent on rebuilding the world.

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Action / Adventure

Brothers in Arms D-Day


This is an amazing free psp games its based around the great world war 2 . It is a great adventure game and promises some serious first person shooter experience . It is something like battlefield or may be even better .

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Knights In The Nightmare English PSP

omewhere between heaven and the underworld — in the center of a quiet lake — stood an ancient castle known as Aventheim. One night, without warning, denizens of the netherworld emerged and slaughtered the kingdom; nary a soul was left alive.

Within an abandoned, long-forgotten church deep in the woods, a wisp is set free. Bereft of memory, it is drawn toward the monster-infested castle and re-awakens the souls of the vanquished knights, leading them back towards the fallen stronghold to confront the very forces of evil that took their lives…

Not easily placed in any one genre, the game requires players to throw out everything they know about roleplaying and strategy games and embrace something altogether new and fresh. Frantic, energetic action mixes with thought-provoking tactical gameplay, all within a beautifully-rendered fantasy setting and presented through a captivating, emotional narrative.

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Wipeout Pure PSP

Wipeout Pure PSP. Just put the files in your iso folder on your psp.

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This is a torrent something like bittorrent is needed to use this torrent, after download please also put the prx folder in the common folder on your memorystick to run game properly.