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Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Sucker Punch have become a triple-threat for Sony after having created a trio of trilogies for the PS2. Naughty Dog’s Jak and
Daxter first set the bar for great platform gaming on the system and very few releases have topped it, with almost all of the series’ competition coming
from sister companies Insomniac and Sucker Punch. While the Jak series has thrived on its excellent design, humor also plays a large part of its success,
most of it coming from Jak’s sidekick Daxter. The little orange Ottsel has thus far only lent a helping hand to his buddy, but now the little guy gets a
starring role in his own game on the PSP, the aptly and simply-named Daxter.

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Action / Adventure Role-Playing

White Knight Chrinicles Origins

White Knight Chronicles: Origins is a Role-Playing game, developed by SCEI and published by SCEE, which was released in Europe in 2011.

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Hiiro No Kakera Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Portable

Issued by the Company of Japan IDEA FACTORY, produced by the DESIGN FACTORY, transplanted from October 1, 2009 sale of the same name in the PS2 platform games, for women to the PSP handheld (game debut is the role of the United States looks fresh and handsome boys!) AVG love adventure game: “The Cardinal of the debris: the new portable version of Jade by Ji Inheritance” (Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayori Hime Denshou Portable), the game currently scheduled for autumn 2010 sale. For the official website has now officially opened, and put the game more than the latest picture for you player information.

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Action / Adventure

Lunar Harmony Of The Silver Star

  • A new prologue section has been added to the beginning of the game which offers some insights to the story’s background.
  • The turn-based battle system works out pretty well as gamers have the option of selecting each characters actions or choosing an auto-pilot option.  Battles are fairly fast and never feel like they “drag on” like traditional turned-based battle systems are known for.
  • In battle, both characters and enemies move to certain locations on the field as they attack.  This adds a very strategic layer to combat and plays an important role in how combat flows.
  • All enemies will appear on the screen as you explore each dungeon which means there are no random enemy encounters.
  • The ability to use super-powered attacks and abilities via the Art Gauge System, which fills up as you battle enemies.
  • Original anime cut-scenes have been included and are just as engaging as ever.
  • From the hand drawn characters to the vibrant and lively towns and environments, the new visuals are stunningly beautiful and are the best the series has seen.
  • There are no “Save Points”, so players can save their progress at anytime.
  • Simply one of the most amazing stories ever told in an RPG.  The characters are pretty likable and interesting and compliment the story well.

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Ys – The Oath in Felghana

Another role playing anime psp game. These sorta games are very creative and out of the box but i never seemed to get my self to like anime at the first place. These games kinda get on to me. But here they are for you.

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