Action / Adventure

Dead End

The use of sub-section of the game story, game players will randomly each chapter three figures represent the “decentralized key words” start the story. But players can also use “Jaunte” means a special moment to move under normal circumstances there is no random choice out of the “fragmented words,” good luck will find the words hidden in different development, “Jaunte” instant mobile so can also be used a variety of puzzle elements. By combining electronic novels and “electronic dice” led the battle system, start a new form of electronic fiction reading, fighting, the screen will be used as life points, attack power, defense power and other values​​, in the form of the electronic dice cause harm to each other on the other side to determine the winner.

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Busou Shinki Battle Masters

Let’s sidetrack a little from our usual Armored Core coverage and focus on a recent game released under the name Busou Shinki: Battle Masters.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Busou Shinki (Armament God Princess) is a toy franchise accompanied by an online game that features girls clad in armor and weapons. Each series release is called a “Wave” where in each Wave, a specific artist designs weapons and armor sets, giving a unique feel or theme for each Wave release. Continue reading after the jump:

The figures, armor, and weapon sets come with a unique passcode that allows collectors and owners to participate in an online arena, where each owner’s custom Shinki duels against another person’s Shinki over the internet. Combat in this online arena is completely handled by the AI, and the aftermath of each battle, as well as user feedback on the Shinkis, will determine the Shinki’s future behavior and personality the next time it enters the arena.

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