Action / Adventure

The Marbians

The Marbians have crash landed in 1940-era Rosell and now need the help of PlayStation users to safely return to their home planet. Bounce the aliens off walls to get more points, collect moon rocks and find the way back to their UFOs! Find a way past obstacles and challenging puzzles like tricky bumper shots and dangerous oil slicks.
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Gran Turismo TRDS

Gran Turismo TRDS
If Gran Turismo PSP was a race car, it’d have go-faster stripes, a fat exhaust and an engine that roars like it wants to take off. But it’d spring an oil
leak off the start line, bellow smoke all over the place and fart its way over the finish line.Despite Kazunori himself proclaiming this to be a
“fully-fledged” GT game, GT PSP comes across like a rushed patch job. Let us say this first – the physics are really good. The cars handle brilliantly,
they have a solid feeling of weight and momentum and you can feel this weight move around as you throw cars into bends and put the suspension under

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