Gravity Crash Portable

Gravity Crash Portable
So many games on the PSP feel like shrunk down versions of the home console experience, games forced into the handheld’s understandably constrained control
schemes — often to their detriment. Gravity Crash Portable, on the other hand, is, in some ways, exactly what I’m looking for out of my portable game time;
it’s short, simple, and mostly fun. Still, even this relatively small and arcade-like game suffers at times from being just a little too repetitious, and
suffers even more because it’s trying to be a dual-stick shooter on a system with only one analog nub.

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No Gravity – The Plague of Mind

In a distant future, spread across thousands of colonies, the empire is under attack from a mysterious, unknown sickness affecting people’s minds. Fast-paced and full of action, you’ll need true nerve and skill to successfully maneuver your way through a total of 31 hazardous missions. Choose your character and one of six customizable ships – each equipped with an impressive array of weapons from lasers to ion blasters, and you are ready to meet your destiny.

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Red Bull X-Fighters

Freestyle motocross is one of the most extreme motorsports. Head-to-head battles, breathtaking tricks and double backflips in 40ft height – good bye gravity! The Red Bull X-Fighters have been touring around the globe for the last two years, showing their thrilling motocross skills in bullfighting arenas and other unique locations.

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