Fort Commander II: Counterattack is a sequel to Fort Commander: King’s Gambit. The first title had potential, but the unnecessarily time-consuming gameplay,
among other things, destroyed what could’ve been a good game. There are no considerable changes in the menu interface and graphics, being roughly the same
as with the previous title. The soundtrack is still the same as before. The massive changes are to be found in the core game and associated elements.

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a great way of taking the grand theft auto genre with you on the go. Featuring average graphics, long compelling story, and a huge map, GTA Vice City is a great game to download free, with The game is a very long and extensive one. You play as CJ from the last games. From the first cut scene you can tell this is a good game.

CJ just joined the army hoping to pay for his brothers problems. He starts of slow in the world of crime, claiming he does not want anything to do with crime. He just cant resist the jobs he is offered and he is tempted by the money involved. Later his brother turns up in vice city.

There are many things to enjoy in Vice City, such as the firearms, cars, atv’s and more. After an hour of the game you will start enjoying rampages and the likes.

Although this game is not as extensive as the console versions *cough GTA IV* it is still a great game if you are looking for a sandbox on the psp. The graphics are also choppy. The voice acting is great!

Overall this is a great game to download if you want to explore the vast city of Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

We rate this game 8.5/10