Action / Adventure Role-Playing

Popolo Crois

This classic fantasy story features brand-new sequences from the animated TV series, new playable adventures, plus exciting battles with rich, vibrant colors and cell-shaded 2D graphics. You’ll be hooked on the delightful characters and animated storyline that is fun for all ages. Features Charming Cel-shaded Graphics in Rich, Vibrant Color; Save Feature for Playing On-The-Go; 30+ Hours of Game Play; and Bonus Anime Sequences from the Japanese TV Series

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Download Popolo Crois PSP ISO Now !

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Action / Adventure

Bleach Heat The Soul 6

Bleach Heat The Soul 6

Bleach Heat The Soul 6 is by far the best Bleach game realesed the game play is amazing, the game is now uograded to 3D graphics and the characters and speical moves are 20x better then the last.Bleach Heat The Soul 5 had a quite was not that good a game you know (well those� who have played or seen clips on youtube or veoh atleast) because the story mode was not all that good it was just based in hueco mundo not the soul society or karakura town and it some characters that didn’t even go to hueco mundo in there lives but it was still good because now that BHTS6 is out it made me realize all of it’s falts because of the way the new 1 is.

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Cover Girls [ PSP ISO ]

This is a very feminine game developed by rapidshare in 2009 . It was a instant hit among girls. I am just too man to play this psp game so please dont expect a psp game review from me about this game.

You can surely check out the game play on

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Battle Spirits [Jap]

Another one of those japaneese brilliant psp games with amazing story line and graphics. The game play is just amazing and makes you feel you are the character . I love it when i get into games like these. Must play.

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NHL 07 Review

NHL 07 is an excellent hockey game for the PSP made by EA, it is the first great hockey game for the PSP, and a super enjoyable game, the graphics are top notch, and the game play is generally quite smooth, though needs to be a bit more polished. If your familiar with other EA sports games, then NHL 07 should be a breeze for you, the controls are untouched from most of the other EA hockey games, even on the Playstation 2, which can make the game all the more enjoyable. NHL 07 for the PSP generally looks like NHL 07 on the Playstation 2, but it’s a bit scaled down to fit on the portable version, but the graphics are still quite cutting edge. One of the great features of NHL 07 is the great online play, you can play Vs people all over the world, and as in the past, EA have mastered the lag situation, even when playing players from far away, you don’t notice much lag. Overall NHL 07 is a must game for anyone who owns a PSP, even if they are not into hockey or sports, as it’s a great game and a blast to play. One thing that makes NHL one of the best games out there for PSP is its hockey fights. The hockey fights are ultra realistic, and always a blast to play! Whether you’re a newcomer to hockey games, or you have been playing them for ages, NHL 07 Is an excellent game for all!
Overall 9/10