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FlatOut Head
In roughly mid-2006, Bugbear Entertainment released FlatOut 2 on the PS2, OG Xbox and PC, a sequel that improved on its already-fun predecessor in almost
every way. Late last year, the developer turned everything up a notch with FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, an enhanced version of the game for the Xbox 360.
Now, the studio (with a little help from Six by Nine) has brought the game to the PSP. Whereas the Xbox 360 release of Ultimate Carnage saw the bonus of
enhanced graphics over the original PS2 and Xbox versions, the PSP release of Head On comes at us with diminished visuals, physics and overall frame rate.
However, despite some issues related to this, it’s still a very enjoyable title that racing fans should check out.

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Cladun This Is An RPG English

Cladun, as the title suggests, is an RPG. More specifically it is a dungeon crawling retro-inspired action RPG from NIS America. An awesome one. Cladun is all about the dungeon crawling. Think of it as a fusion of a Zelda-like RPG with a Rogue-like dungeon crawler. Mix in some portable-friendly, bite-sized gameplay, add a few pinches of customization and cover it with a deliciously retro sauce and you have a winner of a game.

Originally known as “Classic Dungeon“, Cladun harkens back to the 8-bit era of gaming; no pixel counting, no frame rate optimization, no DLC. We’re talking about the days of sitting transfixed in front of your tiny television in your bedroom, exploring those beautifully blocky worlds for hours on end.

Cladun is not an epic tale of adventure and romance. In fact, if you really want to you can just skip ahead to the credits and end the game. If you are looking to be entertained by an epic story about a spiky haired protagonist, then you might be disappointed. What Cladun does provide is a very funny story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, just enough to keep you entertained between dungeon runs. You won’t be spending 90% of your time watching cutscenes before you can get to playing, you will spend most of your time exploring and looting dungeons. You know, the fun part..

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