Action / Adventure Fighting Shooter

Killzone: Liberation

Region: EUR
Language: English

Though 2004’s Killzone for the PlayStation 2 might not be the most fondly remembered of sci-fi first-person shooters, Killzone: Liberation for the PSP is bound to make a more lasting impression. For one thing, Liberation has just about zero to do with its PS2 predecessor from a gameplay perspective. It’s still a shooter, but the viewpoint has been switched to an isometric, top-down view and the action itself has improved exponentially. This is a game that provides a great deal of intense shooting action, with tough enemy opponents that don’t lie down and die easily. Throw in an ad hoc competitive multiplayer component and co-op play for the whole campaign, and you’ve got a thoroughly excellent package.

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Action / Adventure

Coded Arms Contagion

First-person shooters are pennies per pound on consoles and PC, but the PSP is a brand new shop to stock that has allowed the developers of Coded Arms to
be bold. Konami isn’t known for its first-person shooters, aside from some European games with the company’s name on the boxes as the distributor.
Japanese game makers in general rarely take on the FPS genre — even Namco’s Breakdown on Xbox concentrates more on melee attacks than actual shooting.
So it was interesting to see Konami take this partcular step forward. Here, the development had to set a mark for what a PSP FPS must offer in terms of
visuals and gameplay. At the same time, the team aimed to put its own distinct stamp on the genre. Adding an aim-assist lock and a random level system
might have been controversial on other systems; here, the PSP is a fresh canvas to experiment.

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