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Garnet Cradle Portable Kagi no Himiko [JPN]

Garnet Cradle Portable Kagi no Himiko [JPN]
Due to demand of new games, many website have come-up to upload all latest video games such as the PSP console , for it has been one of the popular hand
held consoles. 3D games has been the prime best of the PSP, thus, many of those who have the console wants to have a copy of all the latest psp games that
is out there and being sold in the market. Well, all people like to get things for free and want to have a copy of the game for free, having no expense at
all. But the question is are you safe in downloading games from the internet, even those sites that looks very legitimate and honest, can you really be sure
that they haven�t attached any viruses or spyware to hack any important accounts that you have.Therefore, I have researched myself on what sites that are
safe to download psp games, well I have also been addicted to playing the latest PSP games, that�s why I have made this article in order to help those boys
and girls out there to get a safe copy of any psp game that is being released.

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How to Hack

So you want to begin downloading free psp games from Well you are going to need Custom Firmware meaning a hacked PSP. Follow this guide to get Custom Firmware!

Pandora and Magic Memory Stick

If you want to get custom firmware you will need a Magic Memory Stick and a pandora battery. To obtain these follow this guide.

  1. Make it yourself (very hard)
  2. Buy a Pandora Battery and MMS (easy!)

Create a Magic MemoryStick (if you don’t have one)

To get a MMS you will need to download Total Newbi Installer then you need to follow the onscreen instructions (a small capacity memory card is required). At the end pick “universal unbricker”

Using them together

Now that you have both a MMS and a Pandora Battery put them into your psp, turn it on and click “X” now it should begin downloading, when it is done it will turn off, if it does not turn off then just wait 5 minutes to be sure. When you turn it on again you will have custom firmware! Congrats!!!

Now what?

Now you can either start downloading games, Visit the how to download page for help.



We do NOT support or condone downloading games that are not for backup reasons, this is illegal and we will take no part off helping you steal from corporations. You must delete these files within 24 hours or you ARE braking laws. does not host any illegal content on our servers. For all psp game downloads hosting is done on other websites servers such as is not responsible for any illegal activity involving our website. We are not liable for users downloading content they do not have the legal rights to. All files are for backup purposes only and are to be deleted within 24 hours. Please abide by all laws regarding your location and other personnal conditions. If you feel your copyright is being infringed please contact [email protected]