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Tenchu Time of the Assassins

This PSP entry in the series has you as ninjitsu masters Ayane and Rikumaru in an all-new storyline that takes place immediately following the events of Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. Each character is tied to a different story, and each story offers different levels to play through. In addition to the scenario mode, there is also a ‘free mission’ mode that’s comprised of 50 independent missions to enjoy after you have completed the single-player campaign.

From Software resurrects the mission creation mode from Tenchu II for this handheld edition, allowing you to create your own maps, complete with enemies. These can be saved to Memory Stick for exchange with friends. Players can also engage in cooperative and competitive multiplayer play with multiple selectable characters, both through wireless LAN and USB cable.

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Beaterator brings the power of music-creation to the PSP PlaystationPortable System and PlaystationNetwork. Rockstar Games and multi-platinum selling producer Timbaland have designed an incredibly simple to use and portable music making application that allows everyone to create their own music anywhere. Beaterator is easy to use for those new to music creation but also allows the more experienced to work with an array of creative tools to explore and create music. Use Live Play to experiment with pre-arranged templates of loops and sounds in just a few seconds, or delve into the Studio to build a creation using the thousands of loops and sounds provided by Rockstar and Timbaland, even adding vocals to make complete songs. Beaterator makes it easy to create new beats and sounds in minutes, building original music step by step from the ground up. Beaterator is the only software needed to create hot drum beats, stirring melodies, and complete songs to bring out the musician in everyone. Create, export and share your music with the world.

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Mana Khemia 2

Over the years, I’ve developed a serious soft spot for Japanese developer Gust. Though its games’ themes are usually a little outside my interests, the consistently creative battle mechanics and ability to tack even the lightest bits of item creation into an impressive number of JRPGs every year often lifts the games out of mediocrity and can actually make for seriously addictive play sessions.

With Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alechemy, though, item creation is front and center, guiding everything from character growth (your party doesn’t really have “levels” per se and doesn’t earn experience in the classic sense from battles) to new equipment, to providing crucial story items. You’re always going to have something to make for a variety of reasons, which puts a heavy burden on the crafting system’s mechanics. Thankfully, this is Gust’s forte, and it’s accomplished with aplomb, offering plenty of depth that really only becomes apparent after you’ve poured double-digit numbers of hours into making everything from raw materials to beefy suits of armor.

Creating anything is a good thing, as it will often unlock an entry in each of your party members’ Grow Books, a sort of encyclopedia of semi-related weapons, armor, restoratives and random materials. By spending Action Points earned in battles, you can upgrade specific abilities that are locked inside every item — things like boosting attack power, defense, or even learning entirely new skills in battle. It’s a heady combination of constantly-discovered new items, their ingredient requirements and stocking the necessary AP to keep upgrading your characters, and it creates a near-constant treadmill of gathering, creation and upgrades that gives you an appreciable boost to each of your party members’ skills.

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Action / Adventure Fighting

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Download and play Syphon Filter Dark Mirror!

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror combines a potent mix of riveting storylines with intricate gameplay that includes fierce melee attacks, brand new target lock and precision aiming systems, target and vision enhancements for day and night tactical operations, and high-tech weaponry. Together, they create a portable interactive entertainment experience that delivers an immersive single-player and online multiplayer experience utilizing both Ad Hoc and Infrastructure connectivity, and featuring four types of wireless multiplayer gameplay modes. Players are given a variety of choices allowing for the creation of unique gameplay, including three difficulty modes that monitor and adjust to skill level. Multiple control layouts also permit gamers to choose precision aiming at all times or enable the player to select a more classic style controller for easy play and target lock shooting.

Besides providing various choices in difficulty modes and control scheme layouts, other new gameplay elements have been introduced to the series in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. These include universal ammunition crates to replenish the arsenal for any weapon that is currently equipped, and snap-to- wall mechanics where players can maintain stealth when they choose, all while lining up shots before risking exposure to enemy fire. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror’s realistic look is attributed to a multitude of technologies, including “rag doll physics” where Gabe and enemies react realistically to blast damage and other types of attacks, highly detailed texture and dirt maps and improved goggle effects. Character models are built with detail and realism and feature animations for covert moves, knife kills and contextual specific scenarios. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror also features GameShare, allowing users to share a dedicated single-player level of the game with other PSP users who don’t already own the game.

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