Puzzle Scape

Welcome to the next level of puzzle games. Puzzle Scape is an action block busting game for the PSP system where players arrange blocks of different colors into chains that are exploded by 2×2 same colored blocks. Eliminating the blocks creates level-ups and the player can gather a variety of power-ups by creating long chains. Level-ups introduce new elements into visually amazing background landscapes.

Puzzle Scape features several Single and Multiplayer modes. In Architect Mode, the player tries to build objectives as fast as possible, and in Artist Mode, the goal is to play for survival and high score. In Artist Mode, the scenery is built according to how gamers play Puzzle Scape, while the Architect Mode has pre-defined objectives. Both single player-modes can be played in cooperation or in Duel mode over wireless connection. The game also features up to eight-player multiplayer fun in Bomb Run mode, where each player plays the same scene trying to be the first to destroy enough blocks to win the game. In addition, Puzzle Scape enables players to send the demo of the game to a friend.

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