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Corpse Party Book of Shadows

According to the Japanese 5pb. Announced that the scheduled August 4, 2011 launch of the PSP handheld a AVG word puzzle adventure: “body party: Shadow of the book” (Corpse Party: Book of Shadows), games, regular version sells for 6,090 yen (tax included), includes the game and the world debut actress Naomi doll to the child with special music CD together with the special code such as the Limited Edition bundle is priced at 9,240 yen (tax included) . Today, the latest official beginning of the game released specifically Japanese animation and illustration of the special code to access the shop to let players enjoy!

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God Of War Ghost Of Sparta Demo

God Of War Ghost Of Sparta Demo

Kratos might possibly be the angriest game character ever created. We all know he accidently killed his wife and child in service to the gods, but his
belligerent attitude has often made me wonder what else might have happened to him to make him so filled with rage. We get some insight into this in God
of War: Ghost of Sparta, which does a wonderful job adding depth to Kratos’ character while delivering one of the most fun and beautiful gameplay
experiences on the PSP.

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