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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker USA

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP certainly deserves any hype it gets. It could be considered the Star Wars Episode 3 of the Metal Gear saga, linking the Big Boss canon (Snake Eater, Portable Ops) with the Solid Snake canon, showing Big Boss going from the legendary soldier to the villain of the original Metal Gear games. From the demo version, it seems like a very promising addition to the Metal Gear franchise, and certainly a much needed non-gimmicky home console style Metal Gear game for the PSP.

The game starts off with Naked Snake’s mercenary army, Militaires Sans Fronti�res (Soldiers without Borders; Outer Heaven’s predecessor) having a training session on a rainy Colombian beach. Snake, the humble dog of war that he is, joins in and that serves as the game’s first tutorial, showcasing the slightly updated CQC (Close Quarters Combat), but more on that later. Kazuhira Miller, Snake’s subordinate involved in the management of the MSF, brings 2 representatives from Costa Rica’s University of Peace (weird name, but who cares right?) who want to hire the MSF to drive the allegedly CIA-backed armed groups that started springing up in their country. After realizing that a political solution is impossible, Snake reluctantly agrees and goes on yet another epic choking spree.

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Crisis Core Undubbed

Crisis Core Undubbed

I’m pleased to say that Crisis Core is a great game and, barring a few minor issues here and there, will not disappoint.So if you were planning on picking
up a copy regardless of what I say, rest assured that you’ll have a colossal amount of fun. But we have quite a bit of material to cover, so let’s start
with the basics. While the original Final Fantasy VII followed Cloud and company as they attempted to stop Sephiroth from undoing the very fabric of the
world, Crisis Core puts a much different spin on the canon. For one, you’ll only be playing as Zack Fair, Cloud’s friend who only had fleeting appearances
in the original game.

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