Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper

Also known as Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper in Japan, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is the latest and probably last installment to the Street Fighter Alpha series. Capcom’s first Street Fighter project for the Sony PSP is hands down the best handheld Street Fighter title in existence… still to this day. Finally, a handheld Street Fighter game that is actually “arcade perfect” (and then some)! SFA3 was no doubt one of the best arcade & home Street Fighter installments ever made, due to the engaging gameplay, great selection of modes, and large character roster.

Capcom tried valiantly once before to bring the Street Fighter Alpha series to a handheld system with Street Fighter Alpha 3: Upper for the Game Boy Advance. Although Upper was decent, it lacked arcade quality due to the GBA’s control pad and of course, graphical limitations. The best part about Upper was the fact that Yun, Maki, and Eagle (ripped straight from CVS2) were added to the roster… but now those same characters are selectable in SFA3: Max in addition to yet another new face to the series, Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution!

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