t’s unfortunate that so many Minis (try saying that 10 times fast) fall short of even being worth the time it takes to download — much less the cost to do so — that we’ve taken to just assuming everything will be a half-assed idea or a quick and dirty iPhone port. At this point, it seems Sony would have been better off making PlayStation Minis an XNA-style indie dev effort because frankly a lot of the actual concepts and execution are pretty much equal.

But not all hope is lost. Once in a while, someone takes an idea (we suspect from a game already done elsewhere first) and makes it work on the PSP. Case in point: Sneezies, a name that probably should invite just a bit of hesitation and maybe just a tiny smattering of chuckles but in truth is a genuinely great concept. As others in the office have mentioned, games on the iPhone have essentially done the same thing, but then they aren’t on the PSP yet, are they?

Download Sneezies now PSP ISO now !

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Part 1

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