Rapala Trophies

Fishing expeditions always involve getting up at the crack of dawn, which is a determinant for many. However, with Activision’s RAPALA TROPHIES for the PSP, gamers can enjoy all the excitement and challenge of fishing without ever leaving their home. The game features over 500,000 acres of land, all of which is great for fishing. Players looking for the most realistic fishing experience they can get without actually going to a lake will find RAPALA TROPHIES is exactly what they’re looking for. In addition to the 500,000 acres of great fishing land, the game also sports a large variety of fish that all act as life-like and real as possible. Trout, bass, pike, salmon, catfish, and more swim through rivers, lakes, and ponds, just waiting for players to drop their bait into the water. In addition to amazing fish AI, the game also features Rapala’s top-notch staff of fishing experts. These experts can give Players hints and tips on how to catch different fish, give the gamer a guided tour of the park, and more. The tips dispensed by the staff are all tried and true, well-researched methods that fishermen have been relying on for years. Gamers who want to capture the joy of fishing without actually spending the day outdoors will love RAPALA TROPHIES. The game’s huge variety, professional hints and tips, and amazing graphics will capture gamers of all ages.

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