PSP ISO is a very popular format for free psp games online. Basically, ISO is just another format like .zip for winzip files and .rar for winrar files. It could be used to store any thing like music, videos or even data files . Most of the psp games available on PSP Game Crazy are in PSP ISO or PSP CSO format.

People usually suspect any ISO files for piracy and they have their reasons. Therefore big PSP ISO files are usually removed from all the big files host by routine checks by bots. So we usually at psp game crazy make sure we change the format of the game by ‘Rar-ing’ it. We avoid making split archives as it becomes irritating and troublesome to download the ISO games as most of the free file host do not support parallel psp Downloads. We usually break it down into 3-4 Download chunks here.

if you still have no Idea how to run PSP ISO Games on your psp you might wanna head down here , where I have written a nice post on how to run PSP ISO files on your psp . I would advice you to be careful as you could brick your PSP if you screw up.

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