PSP Apps

PSP Apps make the PSP more than just a gaming console. With useful apps, you can make your PSP function more like a small computer or media device. With more apps being developed by more and more developers and companies, you will soon realize how essential apps are to improve the usability of your PSP.

There are hundreds of apps for PSP, paid or free. However, many of these apps have similar functions which make it difficult to choose which of these are actually better than the others.

Here are a few apps that are a must install for your new PSP:

  • Bookr – is a small PSP app that allows you to read PDF files on the go. You can also view PDF outlines. New versions of this app also allows the viewing of Txt, DJVU, Palmdoc, as well as HTML documents and includes unicode support.
  • PSPtube – a small app that allows you to view videos from youtube or other video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Google video, Veoh, and others.
  • PMPlayer Advance – an app that transforms your PSP into the ultimate media device. It can play any media file of any format such as flv and mkv. It can also support playing subtitles, has USB Host support, as well as the capability to stream through a TV-out option.
  • PSP Installer – allows you to install apps and games with a touch of a button. You no longer have to go through the manual process of installing a game which you downloaded off the internet.
  • PSP Live TV – is a useful app that can let you stream internet TV on your PSP using WiFi. Just some of the programs available for viewing as of this writing are Skynews, NASA TV, Spot Italia, Online Racing, Al Jazeera Sport, etcetera.
  • Gboot Extract – a small app that can let you extract audio or video from any game you are playing on your PSP. This makes it easier for you to record your own gameplay videos and transfer them to your PC.
  • Light MP3 – is a lite audio player allowing you to run many audio files of different formats without using up much of your PSP’s memory and resources compared to other mp3 players.
  • PSP Pro Messenger – is a small Instant Messenger App that can be integrated with your Yahoo, AIM, or MSN accounts and can be used through internet via WiFi.
  • PSP Universal Remote – is an app that allows you to use the native Infra Red port of your PSP as a medium to control other IR controlled devices of your home such as your TV or radio.
  • GpSp GBA Emulator – is undoubtedly the best Game Boy Advanced emulator for use with the PSP because its compatibility with most games is top notch and the performance is above par.
  • Daedalus X64 – is the best Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP and allows you to play classic N64 games on the go.

There are hundreds more PSP Apps you can download and install on your PSP. In fact, with all new apps cropping up, the PSP may do all the same functions of your personal computer while being completely portable.

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