MLB 10 The Show

Game: MLB 10: The Show (PSP)
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
Genre: Sports Simulation

Verdict: The flawless simulation that we have come to expect, minus the incentive to upgrade.
Pros: Everything that you know and love about “The Show” is back again.
Cons: Nothing new is brought to the table, resulting in a stale release.

Just in time to wrap up Major League Baseball’s Midseason classic, it seems like the perfect time to put MLB 10: The Show for PSP under the microscope. Much like its predecessor on both the portable and console platforms, the title was dealing with little competition from the insurgent MLB 2K franchises. The Show had consistently hit it out of the park, never allowing the competition to come even close. So the question is has 2K made up ground, or are we once again looking at a race that truly only has one horse worth betting on?

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