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Lunar Harmony Of The Silver Star

  • A new prologue section has been added to the beginning of the game which offers some insights to the story’s background.
  • The turn-based battle system works out pretty well as gamers have the option of selecting each characters actions or choosing an auto-pilot option.  Battles are fairly fast and never feel like they “drag on” like traditional turned-based battle systems are known for.
  • In battle, both characters and enemies move to certain locations on the field as they attack.  This adds a very strategic layer to combat and plays an important role in how combat flows.
  • All enemies will appear on the screen as you explore each dungeon which means there are no random enemy encounters.
  • The ability to use super-powered attacks and abilities via the Art Gauge System, which fills up as you battle enemies.
  • Original anime cut-scenes have been included and are just as engaging as ever.
  • From the hand drawn characters to the vibrant and lively towns and environments, the new visuals are stunningly beautiful and are the best the series has seen.
  • There are no “Save Points”, so players can save their progress at anytime.
  • Simply one of the most amazing stories ever told in an RPG.  The characters are pretty likable and interesting and compliment the story well.

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