How to load Windows Vista on PSP ?

Windows Vista is loaded on PSP using PSPwXP. PspWxp basically stands for PlayStation Portable Windows XP. This piece of software allows one to run windows vista on their PSP. It basically contains a set of offline static web pages which look like windows vista. They have a lot of free games and apps loaded on it.

Requirements : Firmware 2.70 or Higher

Procedure to load Windows Vista on PSP

  • Downlod the file.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Connect your PSP to the computer and drop the Pspwxp folder into the folder that contains psp and MP_ROOT.
  • Disconnect your psp.
  • Turn on your psp and go to ‘System Settings’ then scroll down to ‘enable flash player’ and click it.
  • Access the internet browser. It doesn’t matter if you are connected to the internet or not.
  • Press triangle and then move along to settings and delete cache.
  • In settings click cache settings and select do not use.( Disable Cache)
  • Now restart your psp and connection to the net is not really mandatory.
  • Go to your net browser , press triangle and click on address entry and type ‘file:/pspwxp/index.htm’.
  • It would be wise to bookmark this .
  • Now the windows would load up , Just say yes to the message that comes next.

If you get the error message “content cannot be displayed” do not panic. We have a tutorial on site to fix the issue.



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