How to unbrick a PSP

A bricked PSP is one which does not display anything on the screen when you switch it on. This is caused due to corrupted firmware, interrupting the firmware update or installing any homebrew application incorrectly.

Requirements: A PSP, Pandora Battery and a Magic Memory Stick.

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As far as making magic memory stick is concerned , you can follow our tutorial on how to make magic memory stick .

This procedure has worked for and helped most of the people. I hope it works for you to. Follow the following Steps and enjoy your un-bricked PSP.


Turn off your PSP and replace the original battery with the ‘Pandora’ battery and your memory stick with the ‘Magic’ memory stick. No need to worry if the Pandora battery won’t stick in properly. This happens most of the times so just keep it pressed until the process is complete.


Hold down the ‘L’ trigger/button on your PSP and turn it on again. It will start and go to a mode with a lot of options where you can install the custom firmware ‘M33’. Choose the first option, i.e., install custom firmware M33. The installation may require a couple of minutes so don’t worry.


When the installation is complete you are asked to reboot by pressing ‘X’ or switching it off by pressing ‘O’. Press X to reboot the PSP. The PSP will restart and finally it works. It will go to the normal mode as it originally came with.


Switch off the PSP again by holding down the shutdown button. Replace your original stuff back and enjoy your un-bricked PSP.

Note: You can create your own Pandora Battery and Magic Memory Stick or can buy in from various sites on the internet.

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