How to make pandora’s battery.

The following steps will teach you how to create a Pandora’s Battery without physically modifying the battery. This is known as soft-modding. But we would always suggest you not to do this and just buy it online at Pandora battery to avoid taking the risk of your PSP getting bricked or severely damaged .

Requirements: A PSP with custom firmware on it (M33 or OE), an empty memory stick pro duo (at least 128Mb) and download these files here .


Connect your PSP to your computer via USB cable. Now copy the previously extracted ‘pan3xx’ folder from your computer and paste into the memory stick PSP/GAME Folder where you earlier pasted the despertar_cementario folder. Now exit out of USB mode.

Go back to memory stick on your PSP and run the PANDORA Installer. Remember to remove the USB cable.


Insert the Sony Battery into your PSP and press ‘R+O’ to write the battery serial to file. Now press ’O’ again to make your battery a Pandora’s battery. Hold down ‘L’ and hit ‘X’ to inject the IPL on your PSP. This is very important.

I would like to repeat it again . The above procedure requires a certain level of skills and something can always go wrong its way better if you just buy pandora battery. They’ve got batteries starting from 13.99 $ .

Buy pandora battery for just 13.99 $ now !

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