How to fix ‘Content cannot be displayed’ error for iPSP and pspwxp (vista) ?

After a lot of you tried to load windows vista on your psp based on our previous tutorial, we received a few of them complaining about this error. I had a look at it and its was a pretty simple solution to the problem. Took me about half and hour to crack though. I should make a video soon though.

Procedure to solve the error

  • Go to your iPSP/Winwxp location.
  • Go to the file called ‘index’.
  • Right click on it and select properties.
  • At the top there will be a button saying change , click it.
  • then a list comes up , chose internet explorer and press ok .
  • Make sure it is a html file.
  • Disconnect your psp and go to the system setting menu .
  • Enable WMA playback and flash player. If you don’t have a “Enable Flash Player” option, dont worry. You just own a newer PSP which means the flash player is enabled all the time.
  • Once done , go to your browser .
  • Have the address for iPSP/Winwxp ready and put it in the browser .
  • head over to browser tools.
  • Delete all the cookies, cache , authentication information and input history.
  • Once done go back and enter the iPSP addess which should already be entered.
  • Press enter and it should work.

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