How to Download

To download simply click or copy and paste each url (separately) in your browser and download the file from that website. After, you repeat this step for each file listed under the game, then extract the first file, and put the .iso or .cso in the “ISO” folder on your memorystick.

Still having Problems?

Step by step instructions on how to download

Step 1: Find the game you want

Step 2: Scroll all the way down until you find “download links”

Step 3: Click the first url, then type the three letters on the top and click go

Step 4: Wait 45 seconds and click free download

Step 5: Go back to the game and click the second link (if there is one) and download it also
Note: There may be more than two links, you will need to download each.

Step 6: Extract the first file to your desktop (with winzip or similar)

Step 7: Put the extracted .iso or .cso file in the “ISO” folder on your psp

What is required:
* Alzip or Winrar (download alzip free here)
*A good internet speed (not really required but faster downloads)
*A Sony PSP
*Custom Firmware, or Official Firmware 1.50 (and lower)
*A usb cord

Have  fun!

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