How to create a Magic memory stick

Requirements: A PSP with custom firmware on it (M33 or OE), an empty memory stick pro duo (at least 128Mb) and download these files here .

Follow the following Steps very carefully:


Turn your PSP off and replace your existing memory stick with the new would be Magic Memory Stick. You won’t need the battery so put your PSP on AC power supply ad while keeping the ‘R’ trigger pressed switch it on. You can now access the M33 recovery menu. Go down to configuration and then the third one down should be Game Folder Homebrew. Make sure it is 2.71 kernel or above. If it’s below this won’t work. Once done, click back and exit and PSP will restart.


Once the PSP restarts go to System Settings and format the Memory Stick. Once done connect your PSP to your computer via USB.


Once you have done this put all downloaded files into a folder on your computer. Extract the despertar_cementario and pan3xx to the same folder names.  Then extract EBOOT.RAR file to get EBOOT.PBP file. Rename this file to 150.PBP and copy and paste it in the same location. Rename the copied file to UPDATE.PBP. Do the same to 340 and 380 update files.


Go into the ‘PSP’ folder and then the ‘Game’ folder. Open the pan3xx folder on your computer and copy the pan3xx folder inside the root pan3xx folder to the PSP/Game folder. Now copy the UPDATE.PBP file which you had created to the Root Folder of your Memory Stick, i.e., the top-most folder of your memory stick. You can now exit the USB mode.


Now on your PSP, open memory stick and run the Pandora installer program. Hold down ‘R’ and press ‘X’.  It will give you a warning about re-formatting your memory stick. Hold down ‘L’ then ‘R’ then press ‘X’ and it will reformat the memory stick. Press ‘X’ to turn off the PSP.


Wait for a few seconds and then turn on the PSP. Connect your PSP again to the PC. Open the memory stick folder and it will be completely clear as you formatted it. Create a folder PSP and in that folder create another folder GAME (use all CAPS). Now go to the depsertar_cementario folder and copy the despertar_cementario folder inside this folder and paste it in the PSP/GAME folder in your memory stick. Now copy the 340, 380, 150 and UPDATE.PBP from your computer to the root folder on your memory stick.


Now go back to your PSP and down to the memory stick. You will see the Despertar del Cementario program, run that. Press ‘X’ to begin the installation. When done it will exit in 7 seconds. The PSP will automatically restart. You have successfully created the magic memory stick.

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