GTA Liberty City is another great Grand Theft Auto game on the playstation portable, featuring stunning graphics, exciting gameplay, extensive cheats and more, this is the best GTA on PSP. If you just want to blow people up, or play the exciting story mode, this is a great game for the PSP.

In the beginning you will start out with no weapons or anything of the sort, but the game will get better as you either cheat or play your way to lethal weapons, and nice cars! There are many of your favorite weapons including, Shotgun, Assualt Rifle, Knife, Grenades, Rocket Launchers, Sniper Rifles and more!

Although the graphics are a little choppy and the voice acting is not the greatest, this is still one of the best games on the Sony PSP, Similiar to Vice City and Driver 76, you can do whatever you want in the extensive world, things like drive by shootings, Explosions, Cop killing and anything you can think of. The story is also very in depth, and exciting. You will never know what your going to do next, similar to Grand Theft Auto IV.

Overall because of this game exciting story, endless world, and choppy graphics, we rate this game:


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