Gladiator Begins

The game is long, but I’ll try and make this review short. It has some heavy duty RPG elements. You are a gladiator who is forced to fight to earn your keep as a slave. The minor twist is as a slave fighting earns you money which affords you many things and most importantly your freedom. You start the game from customizing your character, and it is a well executed feature. You can set your name, origin, body type, skin color, head type, hairstyle, and hair color. Then you move on to the next screen where you can adjust your vitality, endurance, and strength.

Once your character is created you are thrust into a tutorial (Gladiator training school) where you learn the battle system and many styles of fighting. You move with the analog stick and pick up and equip weapons with the D-pad. The button Layout is great. Your gladiator can strike high, low, left, and right. You can make combos with these various attacks. Unfortunately there aren’t lunging attacks, but their might be because some moves are unlocked during the course of play. Also there are many more moves when you don’t have a weapon selected or lose your weapon in the course of battle.

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