Filesonic Premium Link Generator

Filesonic has slowly taken over as the most reliable and dependable site to host all our PSP Game. Our psp iso and cso games have been up for over a year without any problems. Unlike, megaupload and rapidshare where the links would get taken down within a week. Hence, we moved to filesonic. Now the problem we faced is filesonic has a limit of file size 400 mb. To take care of this we integrated a filesonic premium generator into the site. Yes, you heard it rite. We have a filesonic premium generator built rite into the site. There is no waiting and downloads are generated straight away. You can generate maximum of 6 filesonic download links at the same time.

Please use the generator ethically.  Bandwidth and server fees are expensive. Unethical use of the filesoic generator would just lead us to disable this cool feature.

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