This section has been made to address the issues our day to day visitors face. We’ve tried to compile the common questions we are asked. If there any other questions you’ve got please contact us.

The links for the game I want to download is are broken?

We can not host the games on our servers due to the server cost associated with it. Therefore, we host our games on popular filehosts like megaupload, filesonic, fileserve and lot others. Due to the nature of the files it is pretty natural for the links to get removed from time to time. We work very hard to detect these links and replace it at the soonest. We have a button below the post to report if its broken. Please report broken links when you find them. This notifies us and we can start replacing as soon as possible.

I am being asked to fill a survey before I can download the file ?

The cost of running this site and uploading games is pretty substantial at the end of the day. As you can see we don’t blast your browsers with a series of pop ups and neither is the site loaded with ads all around. Less ads loosely translate into less money. Therefore, sometimes it becomes necessary to mandate filling surveys to pay for the servers. These surveys are safe and free. Every time you fill a survey, our sponsor pays us a nominal fee which is used to keep the site alive.

How do I run these games on my PSP ?

It is pretty simple actually. We have a whole part of the site dedicated to tutorials on how to go about getting this games on your psp and playing it. Please check out the PSP tutorials section for further details.

I love the site , what can I do to support the site ?

It is nice to know you love our site at the first place ;).

  • You can report us broken links if you find any.
  • You can send us your uploads via the contact us tab.
  • You can send us your suggestions via the same.
  • You can make donations . The smallest amount is appreciated.

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