DJ Max Fever

Enter the world of DJ Max and fulfill your dreams as he ultimate mix maser. Perfect the deejay scratch as the beat drops to the sync in over 50 songs. Master the beat and conquer the rapid speeds of the demanding extreme challenges. Experience the hit craze that has inspired the music game genre.

  • Hi-resolution Widescreen Graphics fully optimized to take full advantage of the graphical prowess of the PSP.Create awesome combos and watch the screen flair with life as the animations blend fluidly with your beats.
  • New Freestyle and Extreme modes exclusively created for the PSP.Perform the perfect mix and enter the Freestyle Mode or execute various goals in the Extreme Challenges to become the ultimate Deejay.
  • Master the Classic DJ Max gameplay with over 50 songs and 5 difficulty levels designed for players of all ranges.
  • Challenge your Friends in the customizable Network Battle Mode to test each others’ skills.
  • Collect Music Videos, Soundtracks and Images to create a collection gallery.The points earned in each song can be used to buy hundreds of different items, adding more replay value to the title.
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