Desi Adda Juegos de la India English

Game: (The following from “Raytheon PSP Games Forum” Collecting insects by ants!) ※ Hindi (Hindi) ─ ─ ─ mainly the use of national and regional countries such as India and Fiji;

※ Tamil (Tamil) ─ ─ ─ use of national and regional mainly India, Sri Lanka, also in Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, an important minority language;

※ Kashmiri (Punjabi) ─ ─ ─ use of national and regional mainly India, Pakistan and other countries. Recently in Mumbai, India, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEE) held a grand European division press conference. SCEE officially announced at the meeting, will be launched in India and other countries and regions developed by the Indian studios the PUZ GameShastra new puzzle game for: “diesel-powered submarines: India’s Game” (Desi Adda: Games of India). New for the PS2 and PSP will also launch version, the game will include: Hindi, Tamil and Kashmir and other languages. This is Sony’s gaming industry is doing to support the local undertaking, but this is Sony Europe and the Indian game developers to launch a series of second paragraph works.

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